Auditions for SAS Agency are held at sas agency California office only. All other inquiries can be
submitted online to SAS. The address is:

2901 West Cost Hwy
Newport Beach CA 92663

call to schedule a time to come in. Headshots or zedcards are preferred to be with our agency. If you are just starting, or do not have professional
photography pictures that represent you, we SAS agency, will send you to SAS studios for a
test shoot with a professional photographer. SAS agency covers most of the cost for you if signed.

are covered by SAS agency. SAS is well known for starting many new actors and models in the
industry. SAS studios is also well known for producing the newest stars in the industry.

Good Luck!

SAS Agency is a non-exclusive full service Advertising Agency, that promotes and direct books for modeling, acting, dance, and movie extras for the industry. We are the largest Agency in Orange County and Las Vegas areas for the industry.
SAS Studios is the source for Direct Bookings for catalogs, all forms of printwork, and any model related areas.

So you want to be a model, but aren’t sure how to go about “breaking into the business?” Take a good look at yourself. Is modeling right for you? Generally, agencies like to select models ages 24 and younger; models careers tend to be short. Your eyes should be nicely spaced and typically, your nose should be straight; but this is not always the case. Beautiful skin is a must and you must have a nice smile. Skin tones and face shapes vary which gives girls, who might not have worked before, successful careers. S.A.S modeling agency will see your potential.
If we think you have a look to work in this industry, we will offer a, “test” photo shoot at an affordable price. But keep in mind; regardless of how you look, your photos may translate a different appearance in your shoot. So, keep a positive attitude and hope for the best! Modeling is a competitive business so you are bound to face rejection. Remember, if one agency doesn’t take you, another one might. Your attitude is number one in this business and you must project yourself in a positive manner.
If you find you have a problem meeting height and weight requirements, ask S.A.S about Print Modeling. Print modeling is also known as commercial print (toothpaste ad), editorial print (photos by a newspaper or magazine), catalog work etc. To do print modeling, you need to master the ability to freeze without looking frozen. This market encourages women and men of all shapes, sizes and colors to sell themselves as well as, the product.



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